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Set your phasers on 'fun'!

Today was an awesome freakin' day: too bad no one will read this entry and learn of its' hijinks. Anyway...
Got showered and ready and high-tailed it to Halifax Shopping Center to par-tay with Jess. Man, I love hangin' out with her. We went to RadioShack and tested all their fun stuff...she played a sk8 boarding game...I played some game where you gotta drive an 18-wheeler thro town...and then I played with a toy truck. Stellar.

I finally got my gamepad, so I'm happy - Oh yea, Donkey Kong Country 2, who's kicking your ass now?! I am the monkey-reaper. Anyone who wants a shitty old joystick, let me know. *glares at it*

Jess had another run-in with the evil bitch of the CD store - she went in to write down some CD titles that she might want for her birthday, and the ladies like 'excuse me, you can't write down stuff in here'. Pft...what a stupid bitch. It took all of Jessies' reasoning for me not to go in there and rip her a new ass. I'm kinda protective of my friends. Speaking of which, you know those weird 'best friend' things you can get for two people where each has one and they go together? I finally got one of those for me and Jess! I've never had one of those with someone, before. I = happy. ^^
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