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Shake your ancient booty...its' your sexy senior dutyyy..

I just woke up after a sixteen hour sleep...yea, I guess I was pretty tired. I don't know why I'm always so tired - hell, I get more than enough sleep, but I'm always exhausted. Anywayz..

At work last night, i had a little conversation with Murry, it went something like this (M = murry):
M: Were you at the mall today?
Me: I was home all day..
M: Pigs' ass you weren't.
Me: *laughing my fucking ass off* What?!
M: I saw you and your friend there..
Me: I was there on Monday..but you asked me if I was there today..
M: No, I said yesterday, damnit!

LOL, I think Murry's loosin' his mind. Must be the getting old thing. I just love how he told me 'pigs ass' I wasn't..^^; I was laughing about that one all night.

I've been trying a lot of new things, lately, including (with the help of a Palace friend) some 'real' punk music and Emo. Result of which: I'm now in love with an Emo band called Taking Back Sunday. They're pretty good. I've also started playing Megaman (yes, for the first time - shut up) on my NES emulator...its' pretty fun, I really like it, altho I suck the phat-ass at playing it just now. I'll get better...

Haven't eaten in 22 hours - think I'll fix that
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