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I gotta live and make it, somehow

I had the weirdest night, last night...I had two decision-changing conversations. From those two conversations, I've learned three main rules which I shall now apply to my everyday life:

Rule #1: Never, ever start talking about cruelty to animals with creepy bread-delivery men, especially when you're all alone with him in a storage room. Our conversation went as follows...
Me = (M), Creepy bread-delivery man = (CBDM)
(M) Its' sad, four more birds got in, today.
(CBDM) Yea...
(M) You know they shoot them, right?
(CBDM) Well, that's a sin - they should try and catch 'em in a net!
(M) I agree. They should try that first...
**2 minutes pass of silence**
(CBDM) So, what does your boyfriend think of the bird situation?
(M) What? I don't have a boyfriend..
(CBDM) a husband?
(CBDM) I'm not married, either...*stare*

Yea, soon after this conversation, I fled the scene being so uncomfortable that I never went back to that room again all night.

Rule #2: Don't ever ask an old lady who is toating a lot of bags if she would like some help. I know, this sounds is the conversation that we had...
me = (M), Weird old lady = (WOL)
(M) Can I help you with anything, ma'am?
(WOL) Oh, no...that's okay. I've been out since 6:30am!
(M) *walking away* Oh? Well you should go home and get some sleep! ^_^
(WOL) Yea, last night my son was beating me until 10 o'clock, and so I ignored his calls and even when he tried to buzz into the apartment, I just let the answering machine get it. I left early so that I didn't have to deal with it again, today. (and she said this CALMLY)
(M) should probably call someone about that...
(WOL) I would, but he's just a boy, after all.
(M) *under breath* Lady, you look about 80 years old - I doubt he's anything of a 'boy' anymore.


...Oooohhh-kay. Weird fucking day. I don't think I'll be talking to anymore strangers on my way to and from work, as well as at work. I was so freaking uncomfortable all day - just another reason why people freak me out.
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