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School for Ness?!

Yea, I'm at school...for some...horribly unknown reason. I just decided to drop by, I suppose.
I've got a bunch of crap to update about (I'll try to summarize and condense it as best I can) so..hold ur nose, cause here goes the cold water ^_~

Monday night was the best damned night I had in a long time. I talked to Charlie from 4am to 7am and we had a really rawkin' conversation! I felt better, 'cause even if I really didn't, I felt like I made him a bit happier.

In other news...Mom was going to use her credit card and gimme a paid Livejournal account, right, except when we went to the 'paid' page and entered our information there was no place to put our province or postal-code. Yea, it didn't work. I was pissed - after all that begging and sucking up, the fucker didnt work! Blarg. Either way, I do have an announcement to make: BILLY (hayamakun) IS THE BOMB! He heard of my predicament (mainly because I was whining about it...) and gave me a paid account! SHIZZAM! Again, I thank you Billy. You are the man.

I just left the hospital awhile ago. Got some blood drawn to try and find out just what the fuck is wrong with me. It all happened like this:
I went to the hospital on my own for the first time, got completely lost, got completely found, took a number (I was number 287, and they were on 74 -_-..just my luck), sat, waited, sat, waited, etc. Finally, it was my turn. I was really fucking scared..but I went in. So I'm sittin there, shaking a little bit and the guy pulls out his needle. At this point, tears built up in my eyes and my legs cramped from being clenched for so long. As soon as I felt the peirce from the needle, I started to all-out cry.

Anyway, got kicked out of the museam for not paying (I didn't know you had to pay to learn..), lost my bear key-chain, and somehow wound up at school. Everyone seems pretty happy to see me - its' freaking me out!
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