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The single most disgusting thing I've ever read

Last night, I read something that, quite literally, almost made me throw up. This is an excerpt from a love-advice column in Halifaxs' local freebie 'newspaper', The Coast...

Q: I like to suck the snot out of my wife's nose when we're having sex. Is there a name for this "move"?

A: This "move" is called mucophagy, and here's the skinny on your icky fetish from Brenda Love's exhaustive and exhausting Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practice. "Consuming nasal mucosa is done as a matter of course in nasolingus. Others may engage in mucophagy because of the implied self degradation, or simply the novelty of it. Like consumption of other body secretions, mucophagy can be used to demonstrate total acceptance and love of a partner."

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hehe *makes a loud sucking noise*
Now that is some funky shit!
lol... yes i read that earlier today. unfortunately, while eating lunch. O_O;;;;
Yeah I read that last week. I'm pretty open minded, but eeewwwww.
...okay. Thats even worse than hearing some Bill Gates look-a-like on Dave Attels show Insomniac (Thursdays nights on Comedy Central, 10 and 10:30) who said he likes having his wife step on his balls while she wears hi-heels.....
*SHUDDERS* But that!...that just takes the cake...
Alright, that's highly disturbing. I would slap someone who wanted to 'suck my snot'. Eww.
Why would you even think of sucking someones snot in the first place? God....some people have so really fucked up fetiishes >____<;;;;;;;;
Ungh.. that is one of the grossest.. things I've ever heard in my life.. lordy.
and she lets him DO this? 0_o If I was ever even asked I think the marriage would be over. lol
I know, right?! I'm the same way...GROSS! >.<'
Well Vanessa, don't know what happened. But it was nice knowing you,
even for a little while. Sorry things... didn't work out? I don't know.
But you removed me, so I'll take this as a sign. Nice knowing you.
Ew. EW. Ew! EW!! *dances about in a spaztic manner trying to banish the knowledge from her scarred mind*

EWWWW!!! *makes faces and funny noises for quite a few more minutes*

That is decidedly icky. And I thought it was bad when some parents did that to thier kids instead of getting a stupid napkin. I normally have a prettly strong stomach, but that is just...eyuch! Makes my skin crawl.

Jeez, can you imagine having the flu?