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Thugs for LIFE!

Such a good day, today! I got showered at around 8 and went out to buy a phonecard, have some lunch and just kinda...wander. And wander I did! was *gasp* sunny today! I didn't need a jacket - it was so nice...the wind warm wind whipped my sweater and hair around relentlessly and I let it, I didn't wear make-up so my skin felt really soft, I was wearing my headphones so I kinda' 'danced' as I walked and I actually sang out loud! I didn't only mouth the words (which I do, anyway) but I sang it! I have a nice voice, and today, I just didn't care who heard. It felt so nice. Stopped at the drugstore on the way home and bought a trashy romance-novel: I'm a sap for romance...I need more days like this.
Also, I got two plushie penguins in the mail today from my ex-sweet thang, kailieann ...they're so cute, and incredibly soft. I love penguins! *squee!*

No fights with mom, today - I made her Micheal Jackson CD for her (even tho she didn't deserve it) and she was happy with that. Also I helped her with somethin' today and I think she's finally comming out of her snotty attitude from yesterday. Thank the sweet, slutty Zeus above!

Ed Mcmahon forgot to bring my cheque again, today...I tell ya, those lotto people gotta get back on their toes!
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