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Its' now official...

...I've been hacked.
The total damages:
1 unusable MSN account
1 unusable Yahoo! account (until further notice - I've written to Yahoo asking for help)
1 torn-up Livejournal friends' list (fixed)
1 deleted 'interests' list (revised)
1 deleted 'mini biography' (revised)
10 erased icons (8 re-set, 2 not)
2 months worth of entries, erased (until further notice - I've written to Livejournal asking for help)

Of all the things missing, deleted or just plain unusable, the thing that hurts me the most is my entries. Those are my life written down, and I cherish them. Maybe no one else cares about them, but I do. I hope to the Gods that its' fixable...
I apologize to everyone who was hurt thinking that I had deleted them from my friends list, myself. Whoever did this...I jus--augh..
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